The Time Canada Participated in the World Cup

The World Cup is a game of soccer that brings together representatives from all over the world. The tournament is played every four years and it is the biggest soccer event on the planet. Many countries who make their way to the World Cup try their best to become the winner. However, only one team may carry home the trophy. This article details the year Canada participated in the World Cup and the outcome of its participation.

The 1985 Tournament

1985 was a great year to Canada when its St. John’s team beat Honduras 2-1, a game that found Canada a slot in the World Cup tournament of 1986 in Mexico. The first time Canada had played in the World Cup was in 1958 until it found a spot three times in the 1970s and once in 1982 with no success.

In the 1986 tournament, Canada qualified for the final against the host team, Mexico. In its journey to be eligible for the final match, Canada had accumulated three losses, zero draws and five wins. This means that the team had done adequate training and was confident of winning the year’s tournament. In the games it lost, it did not score a single goal. However, from the team’s standpoint, it had offered its fans the best it could and had formed a strong foundation of winning even World Cup tournaments.

Canada has participated several times and won the World Cup tournament once, which is unlikely for many other countries from all the continents. The win added to the countries success at an international level soccer tournament. It implied that Canada has a strong muscle to carry the World Cup trophy, since it has ever lifted it up.


These insights prove how soccer has the potential of remaining to be the best and most famous sport in the country.