How Canadian Soccer Betting Works

Most Canadians are soccer fanatics, and this makes it one of the most popular sports in the country. The game also attracts a good number of punters in the country. The motivation to bet on Canadian soccer varies from one bettor to another. Some of the bettors bet for fun while others bet for profits. Also, different people use different ways to place their soccer bets. For beginners, it would be hard to determine the options available to place their soccer bets. This article outlines some of the options to place the Canadian soccer bets.

Using Local Bookmakers

For you to place your soccer bet at a local bookie, you need to walk into the local store with your slip already filled out. Hand over your slip and the money to a cashier over the counter. The cashier will confirm your lines. Once you win, you will be notified and collect your winnings in cash.

Using Telephone Betting Services

Some bookmakers offer telephone betting services where you can make a call to a bookie to place your soccer bet. You need to have the lines before making the call. Once the bookie receives your selections, you make the payment via credit or debit cards or even bank transfers.

Using Online Betting Sites

Online betting sites offer one of the most convenient ways of placing your soccer bet in Canada. With online betting services, you can place your bet from anywhere anytime. You just need to identify a credible betting site, make a deposit, make your selections and place your bet. Online betting sites have great bonuses and promotions.


Canadian soccer betting is fun, and you can make a few bucks out of it if you are serious. If you are new to it, the above are the main options available to place your soccer bet.