Why Soccer is Gaining Popularity in Canada

Soccer is played everywhere, including in Canada. Its popularity has increased so much that it is also played in the streets. The following factors have contributed to its popularity:

It Brings People Together

Soccer is one of the best ways of bringing people together. Watching soccer as a group is more interesting than watching it alone. People will converge in entertainment joints to watch games. For the lovers of the sport, meeting together makes matches more entertaining.

It is Available Everywhere

One can watch soccer on the television, online or even listen to it on the radio. It does no matter the channel as long as you are updated on the latest news about soccer. However, TV and watching the game live in the stadium are the most thrilling ways of watching it.

It is Exciting

Have you wondered how one can sit down for ninety minutes just to watch soccer? Watching the best players tussle on the pitch and the uncertainty engulfing every minute is so exciting. More exciting bits are when there are penalties and each team is trying to defend their title.

It Has a History

In soccer, every country has a proud, defining moment for its legends. Soccer got its own culture and history in the world and the same goes for Canada. This culture is carried over from generation to generation; hence people hold it dear.

It Shows Teamwork

In soccer, teamwork is key. A small mistake is likely to cost a team so players have no room for errors. They need to concentrate and learn the teammates’ and opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. It only takes a blink of an eye, and historic goals and wins are made. Teamwork is the best thing a great soccer team must possess.


Soccer is gaining popularity in Canada and everywhere in the world. These are some of the factors contributing to this popularity.