What Makes Soccer So Popular in Canada?

Soccer is by far the most sport in the world. Many factors contribute to its popularity. In Canada, although it is not the most popular sport, its popularity is increasing rapidly and it is likely to top in the next decade. What makes the sport so popular? To answer this question, below are some of the characteristics of the sport which contribute to its popularity.

It is Inexpensive

Unlike other sports, such as hockey where you need expensive equipment, in soccer, you only need a soccer ball, cleats and a jersey. In fact, for non-professional soccer, you only need a soccer ball and a flat ground yo play the sport. This makes it one of the cheapest sports one can afford to play.

Can be Played Anywhere

You don’t need a standard classic soccer stadium to play the sport. It can be played on streets and beaches. It is only professional soccer that requires full length pitches. This allows everyone to be able to access soccer, at any stage of their lives.

It is Easy to Play

People shy away from complex sports such as golf. Soccer is one of the simplest sports to play. You only need to kick the ball forward or pass it to your teammate. The sport also has few rules which are easy to understand.

Soccer is Internationally Played

Soccer is played in almost all countries in the world. It is played from the local street level to international leagues and competitions. Because of this, young players have great players to look up to and emulate. Hence, this makes soccer popular at all levels and ages.


These factors do not apply to Canada alone. All across the world, soccer popularity is increasing and these are some of the factors contributing to its growth.